Apple se prepara para darle cuello a la marca iTunes

Esta mañana, Apple hizo un cambio en la forma en la que se maneja el marketing de Podcasts. Desde ahora no se llamarán “iTunes Podcasts” sino “Apple Podcasts”.

El cambio fue oficialmente revelado por Apple, moviendo la marca mas en el camino que va Apple Music. Desafortunadamente, el cambio no viene con otra cosa mas que de nombre, aunque hay unos reglamentos sobre marketing que se deben seguir.

It’s official: iTunes Podcasts is now @ApplePodcasts.

Podcasters, we’ve got a great new badge to help you promote your shows. 

Many podcasters have feared that Apple is neglecting podcasts, even though it created the entire industry when Steve Jobs introduced software for downloading digital audio shows to iPods back in 2005.

Apple’s iTunes brand and software has been around since 1997. The software has become so bloated and cumbersome that many Apple fans are hoping the company kills the app. By moving sections like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts into their own brands, Apple is clearing a path to put iTunes out to pasture.



Source: Apple takes another step toward killing iTunes brand | Cult of Mac

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